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Fairview Cemetery Main Gate, 2005

Photo by George W. CHISHLOM


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TEXAS: Fairview Cemetery, Bronte, Coke Co, TEXAS

Latest update: Wednesday, 26 August, 2009

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The sign over the main entrance to the

Fairview Cemetery, Bronte, Coke Co, TEXAS

was done by Dudley HULL in 1934. HULL is buried

in Fairview with his wife Janie Bridget KELLETT HULL.

Dudley HULL 1979 to 1937

Janie Bridget KELLETT HULL, 1892 to 1975

source: Clementena PARKER HANNAH, who lived

with HULL when he made the sign.

"Fairview Cemetery is located in

Bronte, Coke County, Texas.

Highway 84 borders the cemetery to the south and

the two front gates open on South Franklin Street,

which is one block off of Highway 277 and runs parrell

to the highway. Above the main entrance there is a sign

that says Fairview Cemetery 1934, however some of the

tombstones are much older."

Arlene McKinney, 2001

Fairview Cemetery USGS Bronte Quad, Texas, Topographic Map

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"Since there was no map available and only records of who owned the property, we devised a system to keep the transcription

in order by making a map and using a Section, Row, Plot and Grave# System. There are two parts to the cemetery. The Old

Part has two Sections and is located at the East end, fartherest part from the entrances. The New Part has four Sections. They

are numbered I, II, III, IV, South to North across cemetery. Row 1 begins with first row next to the road that divides Old Part

from the New Part in the back.and rows are numbered from East to West. Then Plots are assigned letters A through T going

South to North across cemetery." by Arlene McKinney, 1 August 2001

- USGENWEB ARCHIVES, 2001 Record (L-Z)

- Coke County Cemetery; Photographs; Fairview Cemetery


Cyrus Fletcher KEY was born May 8, 1883, in Hubbard City, Hill Co., Texas. He moved with his parents to Lingleville, Erath

Co., Texas, in 1887, and then to Bronte, Coke Co., Texas in 1890. He lived there until his death, November 20, 1890. He was

the first person to be buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Bronte, Texas.