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Here are our current PARKER mysteries:

- Milton PARKER, son of Absalom Henry PARKER (Jr) and Anna Barbara WOODS / WOOD

- Mary PARKER, born about 1846

- Alan Parker and Family

- William R. PARKER, born abt 1821

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All four (4) of the following sources indicate Milton PARKER was the son of Absalom Henry PARKER (Jr) and Anna Barbara


However, Milton PARKER is not enumerated with the Absalom Henry PARKER Jr. family in the 1840 or 1850 Census for

McDonough Co, ILLINOIS, and we can't find the 860 Census for Absalom Henry PARKER Jr. and family.

Sources 1, 3 and 4 indicate Milton PARKER was born in 1840 or 1841 in ILLINOIS.

However, Source 1 indicates Milton married and died at the age of 52 in 1894, and Source 4 indicates Milton died less than a

year old.

Source 4 indicates Milton is buried in Widow Moore Cemetery, McDonough Co., ILLINOIS but in the list of

Parkers buried in Widow Moore Cemetery, Milton PARKER is not listed.

However, Source 1 indicates our Milton PARKER is buried in East Mt. Cemetery, Greenville, Hunt Co, TEXAS, and a Milton

PARKER is buried in

Section 10

Parker, Milton

July 14 1841

July 7 1894

End 1st row Nicholson plot


1. Milton PARKER

Birth: 19 Jul 1841, Colchester, McDonough Co, ILLINOIS

Death: 7 Jul 1894, Greenville, Hunt Co, TEXAS

Burial: East Mt. Cemetery, Greenville, Hunt Co, TEXAS

Married: BLANCHARD Charity


2. Milton PARKER

Father - Absalom Henry PARKER, Jr.

Mother - Anna Barbara WOODS son of Absalom Henry PARKER and Anna Barbara WOODS


- Sourced as “Elva Lane, Great grandaughter of Solomon and Celia BECKWITH PARKER.”

- (Family Tree Database source: 12.PARKER, BECKWITH: Family History of Ron and Shirley Oligney Baker, Ron and Shirley

Oligney Baker,

3. Milton Parker

Birth: 19 Jul 1841

Father: Absolom Henry Parker

Mother: Anna Barbara Wood


- No sources.

-(Family Tree Database source: 135. “WOOD, PARKER: Wood Family,” Pam Haithcock, Jul1008, //; Additional website: Bits and Pieces of McLean Co., IL: //

4. Milton PARKER

Birth: 1840 in Illinois

Death: 30 SEP 1840 in Illinois

Burial: Widow Moore Cem., McDonough Co., ILL.

Father: Absalom Henry PARKER

Mother: Anna Barbara WOOD

- No sources


-(Family Tree Database source: 140.PARKER: Highland/Carpenter RootsWeb, //, John Highland)



In the 1860 United States Federal Census of Fountain Green Township, Hancock Co, ILLINOIS, "Mary Parker, 14" (born

about 1846) was living with the Harrison PARKER Family (Harrison PARKER, b. 1833 and Emeline BECKWITH PARKER, b.


Who is Mary Parker?


Alan PARKER and Family

In the 1840 Census of McDonough Co, ILLINOIS, Alan PARKER and his family of eleven (11) lived near our Absalom Henry

PARKER, Jr.( b. 1812 ) and his young family of five (5). Is Alan PARKER related to us and if so, how?


William R. PARKER

In the 1860 Census for Fountain Green, Hancock Co, ILLINOIS, William R. PARKER and his family lived next to our Solomon

PARKER and Celia BECKWITH PARKER Family and our Harrison PARKER and Emoline BECKWITH PARKER Family.

Who was William R. PARKER and is he related to our PARKERs?

William R. PARKER

born abt 1821 in 1860 census

born abt 1818  in 1870 census

born abt 1817 in 1880 census

Mother and Father born in Ireland on all three above census

1860 Census in Fountain Green, Hancock Co, ILLINOIS

- William R. Parker, 39 [abt 1821], M, Farmer, $4000 Real Estate, $1000 Personal Estate, New York

- Frances Parker, 35 [abt 1825], F, New Jersey

- George R. Parker, 4 [abt 1856], M, Illinois

- John Parker, 2 [abt 1858], M, Illinois

- Harriet  Hattie Parker, 1 [abt 1859], F, Illinois [transcribed as Harrell by]

- Rebecca Parker 30 [abt 1830], F, Virginia

1870 Census in Clayton, Adams Co, ILLINOIS

- William R Parker, 52

- Frances H Parker, 48

- George R Parker, 14

- John L Parker, 12

- Hattie L Parker, 10

1880 Census in Clayton, Adams Co, ILLINOIS

- William Parker, 63

- Francis Parker, 59

- John Parker, 21

- Hattie Parker, 19